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Music streaming services are incredibly popular right now and, with at least 140 million users, Spotify is the largest there is.  There is a free version that users can take advantage of but, compared to the paid version, it is a bit more limited in what you can do. However, the paid subscription comes in at a cost of $9.99 every month and that is a bit steep for some people.

Image : Spotify Plus Download Tutorial

Luckily, we now have another choice in the form of Spotify++. This is a tweaked version of the official app that offers nearly all the premium features without the monthly cost attached. In fact, Spotify++ is free to download and use and you do not need to jailbreak to use it. This is great news for all those that are unable to jailbreak right now so more people can take advantage of the features on offer in Spotify++:

Spotify++ Features :

  • More than 30 million tracks to choose from 
  • Music can be streamed, no need to download individual tracks
  • Unlimited track scrubbing
  • As many skips as you want
  • Highest-quality of sound streaming
  • No jailbreak required 
  • Plus, you get everything else that Spotify has to offer

How to Install Spotify++ :

Spotify++ cannot be downloaded through the iOS app store so you will need to download an app installer called Emus4u first. Rest assured that both of these apps are perfectly safe to use as both have been thoroughly tested.

  1. Download Emus4u using the guide at the linked article 
  2. Launch Emus4u on your iPhone or Pad and search for Spotify++ 
  3. Tap on the result to download the app
  4. When the installation what completed, you can enjoy all the premium features of Spotify++

Disclaimer :

Using both Spotify and Spotify++ could cause conflict on your device so delete the official app before you use the tweaked one. Also, you are downloading at your own risk – there is a chance that the developers of Spotify may determine that you are using a tweaked version and can suspend or delete your account. We will take no responsibility should this happen , it is your choice.

Are you going to use Spotify++ ? There really isn’t anything to lose by giving it a try and so long as you delete the official app first, you shouldn’t run into any trouble. Let us know if you decide to use Spotify++ and what you think of it. Follow us on Facebook for all the latest updates and news.

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