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There is no argument that iRec used to be the most downloaded screen recorder app from Cydia but that stopped when the developers failed to keep the app updated. It hasn’t been forgotten about though and now its been brought back to life, full of new features, updated so that it works on all versions of the iOS and without you needing to install a jailbreak first. iRec gives you the opportunity to create a Full HD 1080p video of your screen, take advantage of loads of in-app settings and with auto compression included, you don’t need to worry about your videos using all your space. Read on for details on how to download iRec on your iPhone or iPad today.

Image : iRec Screen Recorder Download

How to Download iRec :

You won’t find iRec in the app store because apps of this nature are not allowed in. It’s easy enough to get though, just follow the steps below to install Emus4U app installer first and then download iRec :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, download Emus4U 
  2. Wait for it to install and then open
  3. Search for iRec [ext link] and, from the results list, choose the one the goes with your iOS version 
  4. Some download instructions will appear on the screen, follow them carefully 
  5. When iRec has installed, start using it for your screen recordings 

iRec Alternatives :

If you try iRec and doesn’t really suit you, there are some other screen recorder apps that you can try, like these two:

  • AirShou

With screen recorders being so popular it is little surprise that AirShou, the first alternative to iRec in Cydia, was an incredibly popular app. Sadly, it didn’t last long because it was removed from Cydia and never came back. Now the developers have given it a new lease of life, lots of new features and with support for every iOS version, although it is optimized for iOS 9 or higher. With no need to jailbreak, now everyone can record their screen in 1080p at 60fps, using simple on-screen controls and add in high-quality stereo sound. Get all the details and a full AirShou [ext link] download guide by following the linked post.

  • CoolPixel

Screen recorders are terribly popular and CoolPixel offers much more than a standard screen recorder app. As well as letting you record your screen in 1080p and save it as an HD video, CoolPixel [ ext link ] is also a video editor. You can take advantage of a range of features, including rich filters to make your videos look a bit like a movie, dubbing and subtitles added with a quick finger swipe and a whole lot more. With the choice of importing your own, looking for more videos online at BG or using what you save on your device, CoolPixel offers so many features you won’t know where to start. Find out how you can produce professional-looking edited videos with CoolPixel by following the linked article.

We all need a screen recorder at some time in our lives and iRec is one of the best. Without a jailbreak, more people can take advantage of its features so try it out, see how you get on and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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