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iOS is fast drawing towards a new update and there has been no jailbreak, nor any news of one. Luckily, with so many of us unable to use Cydia any more, there are several decent alternatives in the form of third-party app installers. One of the more comprehensive is called Emus4U, offering an enormous range of content.

Emus4U brings us some of the best emulators, always a popular download from Cydia, so that we can still play our favorite console games on the iPad.

Download Emus4U

Alongside those, there are a few more Cydia tweaks, vast amounts of paid and premium apps for free and lots of modified apps. Everything is free and Emus4U works on all iPads right up to and including iOS 11.

One thing to be aware of; Emus4U is not in the iOS app store as it isn’t something that Apple approves of. However, it is perfectly safe to install on your iPad, having been thoroughly tested for malicious code and anything else that could spoil experience or harm your device.  It is also very simple to download and we’re going to show you how.

How to Download Emus4U on iPad :

You can download Emus4U in three ways , two on your iPad and a method for Android too.

Method 1:  

  1. Open Safari on your iPad. Go to the download button above.
  2. Wait until our mobile web page has loaded up fully and then tap the UP arrow , top right of your iPad screen
  3. This opens a new page with several options along the bottom; choose Add to Home Screen 
  4. Another new page opens, this time with a box, type Emus4U into the box so that your icon is named. Tap the Add button and then come out of Safari 
  5. Emus4U is on your home screen . Watch the video below for exact steps. Now proceed to next steps.


After Emus4u App is on your iPad :

These steps are a bit more complex so do make sure you follow them carefully:

  1. Launch Emus4u app from your homescreenand go the to the iOS version for your device in the download page and click the link .
  2. On the Emus4U information page that loads, click the link to Install Directly to iOS Device
  3. This will open your Settings app to the Profile page; tap on Install Profile
  4. Input your passcode and Safari will open
  5. Tap the link on the page to Install Emus4U and, when the confirmation box loads, tap on Install
  6. Settings open once more, tap on Install > Next > Done
  7. When the process has completed, the Emus4U icon will be on your home page

If you don’t see the icon, the installation wasn’t successful; you will need to repeat the steps.

Method 2: Android Only

Android users can, for the first time, experience and benefit from some of what iOS users have long been able to enjoy by jailbreaking. While it isn’t possible for the Android platform to be jailbroken, Emus4U, which does not require a jailbreak, has support for Android devices. Those paid iOS apps for free, the modified apps and the Cydia tweaks are now all available to Android users by downloading the Emus4U APK file. For full details and a download guide, follow the link below:

Stop Emus4U Crashing :

As mentioned earlier, Emus4U is not an official app store app and that means Apple will revoke the app certificate. Emus4U will stop working within a week of you installing it and the only thing you can do is reinstall it, along with your apps and games. Anti Revoke is a VPN tool that protects your app certificates, so they can’t be revoked, and you can use Emus4U for as long as you want, uninterrupted. Find out more about Anti Revoke by clicking the given link.

Popular Emus4U Apps

Although there is much to choose from in Emus4U, there are a couple of apps that are more popular than the rest:

  • Snapchat++

Snapchat always has been a popular messaging app, but it is sadly lacking in some basic features. With Snapchat++, all the stock features are there plus some extra ones, including the ability to spoof your location, strengthen your recording strength and much more. Find out what Snapchat++ has to offer by clicking the linked post.

  • AirShou

AirShou has long been one of the most popular screen recorders, that could once only be downloaded through Cydia. Now though, anyone can use it, without jailbreaking, and take advantage of the features on offer, including 1080p screen recording at up to 60fps, adding the best quality stereo recording and much more, all through a highly user-friendly interface and on-screen controls. Find out what else AirShou offers by clicking the link.

Popular Emus4U Alternatives :

While Emus4U is a popular installer and has plenty to choose from, it may not be for you. If not, if you are looking for something else then have a look at these alternatives:

  • TweakBox

TweakBox is another comprehensive app installer, packed with useful and fun content. Download from a whole range of paid content for free, modified apps like Spotify++, Pokémon Go++ and Instagram++, along with a few Cydia tweaks. The developers have helpfully put everything into categories making it easy for you to find what you want so check out the link and find out how you can download and try TweakBox [ext link ] today.

  • AppValley

AppValley is a popular app installer, with a vast range of content aimed at everyone. With all the content categorized, you can find what you want easily, from Cydia tweaks, to paid content for free, to some of the best modified ++ apps. Fully supporting the iPad on iOS 11, AppValley [ext link] is available for download now so click the link for more details.

None of these app installers can replace Cydia but they do offer decent amounts of content and will serve as interim solutions while we wait for more jailbreak news. Try Emus4U on your iPad today and stay up to date by following us on Facebook.

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