Emus4U iOS 12

Now that Cydia doesn’t see many updates, we’ve been seeing more and more iOS installers like TweakBox released to help us out. Another installer that is well worth a look, with full iOS 12 support and plenty of content, is Emus4U; more details can be found at the link, read on for download instructions.

Image : Emus4U iOS 12

How to Download Emus4U on iOS 12 :

Downloading Emus4U isn’t like downloading an app from the iOS app store. We have drawn up a guide for you to follow, make sure you do each step as written:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your device and go to https://emus4u.app or use this ( alternate link ) emus4u
  2. When our mobile webpage has loaded, look for and tap on the UP arrow at the top or bottom of your screen
  3. Tap the option that says Add to Home Screen
  4. Your icon must have a name so call it Emus4U and then tap the button to Add it
  5. Shut Safari and look for the Emus4U icon on your homepage.
  6. Watch the video for a demonstration of the steps and then continue with the next part of the tutorial

Video : Watch it below

After Emus4U App Is Downloaded:

  1. Go to the Emus4U icon on your homepage and tap on it
  2. Tap the iOS version for your device and another page will open
  3. Tap the link to Install so the profile may be installed on your device
  4. Tap the link that says Install Profile when your Settings app has opened
  5. Type in your device passcode and Safari browser will launch
  6. Tap Install Emus4U and then Install when the confirmation window opens
  7. In your Settings app, tap on Install>Next
  8. Tap Install>Install>Done and Emus4U will be fully installed.

If you have any trouble, i.e. the icon doesn’t appear or Emus4U doesn’t open, repeat the steps to make sure you have installed it fully.

Top Emus4U App :

MovieBox :

MovieBox has shown itself to be a very popular Emus4U app because it provides us with so many options for watching movies and TV shows. With full support for Airplay, MovieBox offers the option to stream thousands of movies or download for watching later.

Download Emus4U onto your iOS device and enjoy everything it has to offer. Do tell us what you think of Emsu4U and follow us on Facebook for more updates and tips.

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