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Now that Apple has pushed out the iOS 11.2 download [ext link], it’s time to take stock of what is happening with the jailbreak situation.  Ever since iOS 10, things have been nothing short of dismal. Just one jailbreak has been released, Yalu jailbreak, and that will only work on the 64-bit iPhones, leaving too many people without access to Cydia and it really doesn’t look as if things are going to improve in the immediate future. We do have a fallback though and it’s an app installer called Emus4U [ext link]. One of the aspects of Cydia that is missed the most is the ability to download games emulators and that’s what Emus4U gives us, along with a handful of other tweaks and content. It works on iOS 11.2 and you don’t need an iOS 11.2 jailbreak [ext link] to get it so keep reading to find out how to download Emus4U today.

Image : Emus4U iOS 11.2 Download

How to Download Emus4U iOS 11.2 :

To Download Emus4U, you will need to follow the instructions below as you can’t get it from the iOS app store , no surprises there as Apple is incredibly strict on what they do and don’t allow in. The steps are easy though and Emus4U is very safe to use. You will only need your iPad or iPhone, a strong internet connection, and Safari browser. As a side note, this will only work with Safari as no other browser has been set up for it.

  1. From your iPad or iPhone home screen, open Safari browser 
  2. Type emus4udownload.com in your address bar and tap on Go 
  3. Now wait while our mobile web page opens and then tap the UP arrow , bottom center of the iPhone and top right of the iPad screen 
  4. When the new screen opens, look at the bottom for new options and tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Type Emus4U into the box so your icon is easy to locate .Tap Add and shut Safari 
  6. Now the Emus4U icon will be on your home screen 

Video: Watch to see these steps

Download on Android :

Emus4U doesn’t just work on iOS; it will also work on Android devices. However, the process is a little more involved than it is for iOS as it requires the download of the Emus4U APK file. This isn’t difficult to do but you must ensure you follow the steps at the given link to ensure success.

How to Fix Emus4U Crash Issue :

No doubt you have noticed, if you already installed Emus4U, that within 7 days it crashed. You needed to reinstate it and start again, only for it to crash again. This is a vicious cycle and it will continue to happen until you install Anti Revoke [ext link]. The app crashes because Apple will revoke the certificate every time you install it. They do not see it as a valid app and will not allow it to run. Anti Revoke blocks this from happening, so you can keep on using Emus4U without any interruptions so click on the given link for more details and a guide on downloading it.

Popular Apps on Emus4U :

Snapchat++ :

Snapchat++ has to be one of the most popular apps ever downloaded from Emus4U. It is based on the stock Snapchat app but provides many more features, such as the ability to increase your record strength and spoof your location, as well as a few customization options as well, all features the developers of Snapchat didn’t see fit to give us. To download Snapchat++ [ext link] through Emus4U, simply follow the instructions at the given link.

AirShou :

One thing that Apple never provided for their users is a decent screen recorder. Lucky for us we have AirShou to fall back on, one of the most popular screen recorder apps ever that used to only be available through Cydia. Now, however, it can be installed through Emus4U, without a jailbreak. AirShou has been updated with plenty of new features that make it an even more desirable screen recorder. To download AirShou [ext link] on your device, click the given link for more instructions.

Emus4U Alternatives :

TweakBox :

If Emus4U doesn’t offer what you are looking for, you can always try TweakBox [ext link]. It has a selection of Cydia tweaks, including emulators, movie apps, and a lot more besides. It also offers modified apps, like Instagram++ and Spotify++, as well as games like Pokémon Go++ and all the premium content you could possibly want for free. To download TweakBox, simply click the link and follow the guide.

AppValley :

AppValley [ext link] is another good alternative to Emus4u. As well as paid apps for free, it also offers many modified apps and games, like Spotify++ and Snapchat++, several Cydia tweaks and all the content is placed into easy categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for. It is ideal for jailbreakers and for those who don’t want to jailbreak and, to download AppValley, all you need to do is follow the guide at the given link.

None of these will ever take the place of Cydia but they all offer an alternative for the time being. So try them, and see how you get on with them. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with all the iOS 11.2 jailbreak news by following us on Facebook.

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