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Apple has released iOS 11.1 download [ext link], the latest in a quick succession of updates from the Cupertino company and, right now, we don’t know if or when there will be another jailbreak. We are hoping that iOS 11 is more successful in terms of useable utilities than iOS 10 was but it doesn’t hurt to have an alternative or two to hand.

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Emus4U is one of the latest app installers released in a bid to take the place of Cydia. While it can’t do that, it does offer a reasonable number of tweaks and apps, lots of emulators and plenty of paid content for free, not to mention a selection of ++ modified apps. You don’t need to jailbreak to install Emus4U and it will work on iOS 11.1.

How to Download Emus4U iOS 11.1 :

You will not be able to Download Emus4U from the iOS app store. Apple has got some very strict guidelines to what they will and will not allow in the store and this type of app does not make their very exacting grade. However, the developers have put the app through the wringer and have declared it perfectly safe to use, and it contains no malicious code or anything that could harm your device or your data. It is simple to download and all you will need are:

  • Your iPhone or iPad on iOS 11.1
  • Internet connection
  • Safari browser

Don’t bother using any other browser as it will only work on Safari

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Go to the address bar and type in emus4udownload.com 
  3. Tap go and then wait for the page to load up fully
  4. Tap on the UP arrow , top of the iPad and bottom of the iPhone screen 
  5. A new page opens with several options on it , select Add to Home Screen 
  6. Next, you must give the app icon a name so type Emus4U into the box . Tap on the Add button and close Safari 
  7. Now you will see the Emus4U icon on your home screen 

Video:  This shows you how to download Emus4u on iOS 11

Note :

There is one more app that you must download along with Emus4U, called Anti Revoke [ext link]. Anti Revoke stops your Emus4U apps from crashing and its app certificates being revoked by Apple. If this happens , your apps would stop working , hence Anti Revoke download is a must for your apps to run uninterrupted.

No app installer will ever step into the shoes of Cydia, not even Emus4U. However, with no jailbreak available for iOS 11.1, this is likely the best bet you have for now so download it and tell us what you think of it. Follow us on Facebook for more iOS 11.1 jailbreak news and other updates.

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