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Not so long back, we were a little spoilt for choice in terms of jailbreaks. There was something for everyone, a utility that suited all iOS devices and most iOS versions. That is no longer the case; the last few jailbreaks released have been limited to either 64-bit or 32-bit devices and they have all been semi-untethered. Even then, some users have still been unable to download Cydia, and that’s where app installers like Emus4U come in.

Image : Delete Emus4U App

Emus4U is a good alternative, providing unlimited and free access to emulators, paid and premium iOS app store and a good selection of modified and tweaked apps, all of which offer a lot more in terms of features than their stock counterparts. As well as offering regular updates to the content, Emus4U supports all models of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on all versions of the iOS firmware.  Check out the linked articles below for more details on what Emus4U offers and how to download it, if you haven’t already :

While most users will be very happy with emus4u, some won’t be. Whether the app installer doesn’t do what they expected it to do, isn’t what they were looking for or it just isn’t working properly, some of you will need or want to delete it from your devices. Luckily that is very simple to do so check out the steps below :

How to Delete Emus4U :

  1. Close down all open apps on your iOS device
  2. Locate the icon on your home screen for Emus4U 
  3. Tap and hold on the icon until it goes into “wiggle” mode
  4. You will also see a cross appear on the top corner of the app icon , tap on this cross 
  5. Now, a window will popup asking you if you want to delete the app, tap on Delete to confirm 
  6. Emus4U will now be deleted from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

To reinstall it, simply follow the steps in the linked article from above.

Video : Above Steps explained in Video

Emus4U is very safe to use and has been fully tested before being pushed out for public download so errors and issues are incredibly rare. Rest assured that, for those of you do experience a problem, deleting and reinstalling Emu4u will usually resolve it.

Have you used Emus4U yet ? Does it live up to your expectations? Tell us what you think of it and for all the latest tips and updates, follow us on Facebook.

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