Today’s mobile devices are the ideal platform for watching movies and TV shows on and, while the app stores don’t offer much choice, one app that has proved popular is BobbyMovie. With thousands of shows and movies to watch, BobbyMovie has loads of useful features and is completely free.

Image : BobbyMovie


BobbyMovie Features :

  • Free to download and use
  • Built-in search filters to find what you want
  • Search engine included
  • Search by Actor/Actress and Director
  • Airplay and Chromecast support
  • Subtitle support in over 200 languages
  • HD streaming
  • Auto-choice servers
  • Link shows to future episodes so you don’t have to search every time
  • Stream direct or download to Favorites to watch later
  • Supports Android and iOS
  • No jailbreak or rooting required
  • Loads more features

How to Download BobbyMovie :

There are two methods for downloading BobbyMovie – one for iOS users and one for Android users:

Method 1: iOS

You will need an external app installer called Emus4U for this:

  1. Download Emus4U
  2. Open Emus4U and search for BobbyMovie
  3. Tap the right result or click this ( link ) by TweakBox app
  4. Tap Install
  5. When you see the BobbyMovie icon on your home screen, the installation has been successful

Method: Android

This requires the manual download of the BobbyMovie APK file:

  1. Use this link to download BobbyMovie APK v2.2.4 –
  2. Go to our Emus4U Android page for instructions on installing the APK to your mobile device

BobbyMovie Alternative :

MovieBox :

If BobbyMovie doesn’t have what you want try MovieBox. Another third-party app, MovieBox also offers a huge choice of movies and shows, along with plenty of other features for free.

BobbyMovie is the number one third-party app for streaming movies. It is one of the most versatile, supporting many devices and is well worth trying. You can delete it if you don’t like it so download it and follow us on Facebook so we can bring you more top tips for apps.

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