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One of the biggest reasons why many people installed Cydia was so that they could download games emulators, along with other tweaks and apps. The emulators are what allowed us to install our favorite old-school console games on our iOS devices but these all disappeared when jailbreaking began to decline last year. Thankfully, the developers of Emus4U have come through for us and released their app installer without the need to jailbreak first. Emus4U is packed with app installers, some tweaks from Cydia and loads of other content, including our favorite modified ++ apps, such as Pokemon++, Spotiy++ and Snapchat++.

Image : Anti Revoke App

Unfortunately, as many users are finding out, installing the apps in this way comes with a consequence , they crash and require reactivation every week. This is down to the app certificate; because Apple doesn’t sign them, they revoke them when verification reveals that they are not valid, leaving users without their games and apps. Now that we have Anti Revoke, this will no longer happen.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke [ext link] is a small tool that takes up little room or little in the way of resources on your iPhone or iPad. When you download it, a VPN is installed to your device and it is this that then blocks app certificate verification and this stops the certificate from being revoked. Anti Revoke will not interfere with any operations on your device, works quietly in the background and requires no jailbreak.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

Although you do not need to jailbreak to download Anti Revoke, you also can’t expect to download an app like this from the iOS app store. However, it isn’t difficult to get and we’ve drawn up a full guide for you to follow, which you can get at the linked article below:

Anti Revoke is a great tool and, for those of you who are downloading apps via Emus4U, it is a vital one. It is the only way to stop your app certificates from being revoked and you should definitely consider it as a necessity.

If you do run into any issues when downloading or using Anti Revoke, the linked posts above will provide you with all the help you need so download it and tell us how you get on with it. For more tips and tutorials like this one, follow us on Facebook.

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