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We hear so much about jailbreaking these days but, for those that don’t know, it is only iOS devices that can be jailbroken. We do it to give ourselves features that apple doesn’t give us, to customize our devices in ways that Apple doesn’t allow and to get access to games emulators and paid content for free. While Android devices are somewhat more open than iOS devices, they still can’t get access to everything that jailbreakers can, until now. ACMarket and Emus4U Android has been released.

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An app installer called Emus4u has been released, initially for iOS devices in the absence of Cydia but now with support for Android devices. Now Android users can get some idea of why we jailbreak our iPhones and iPads, a look at some of the great features that Cydia offered the jailbreak community. You will need to download the EMUS4U Android APK ( https://emus4u.app/android/ ) first; this is the Application Package File that contains everything you need to install Emus4u onto your device. Make sure you follow our guide in the order it is written otherwise Emus4u will not install.

How to Download Emus4u Android :

  1. The first step is to open the Settings app on your Android device and go to Security 
  2. You will see an option that says Unknown Source Options , make sure the box next to this is ticked. Skipping this step will mean that Emus4u will not be able to install on your device 
  3. Next, download the Emus4u APK onto your Mac or PC
  4. Unzip the file and then email the .APK file to yourself
  5. On your Android device, open the email and download the attachment
  6. Find the file and tap to install it
  7. Leave your device while the file is installing
  8. When the installation is complete, you may start to use Emus4u 

Should you experience any problems with Emus4u or it won’t work for any reason, delete it from your device the same way you do with any Android app and then follow the steps above exactly as written to install it again.

Fix Emus4U Not Working Issue :

Do you use Emus4U for all your emulator requirements ? And for other apps and tweaks ? Then make sure you download Anti Revoke [ext link] as well. It’s the only way to stop your app certificates from being revoked, which is what forces you into reactivating them every 7 days or so.

Emus4u offers Android users some of the best content that iOS users have had access to for many years. The steps to install it may look a bit cumbersome but, in reality, they are straightforward and the whole process will take just a few minutes.

Do give Emus4u a go on your Android device and let us know what you think of it. For more tips like this, follow us on Facebook.

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