Emus4U Installer

Emus4U is proving to be the Top unofficial app installers for iOS , the most downloaded ones aswell.

emus4u app

That’s right, FREE . You can download it by clicking the Download button below .

Install Emus4U

Supported iOS Firmware’s :

The installer is supported on all iOS devices on the following firmware and we also have a special guide just for iPad users:

There’s more

Emus4U Android :android emus4u

Emus4U isn’t just for iOS devices; you can also install it on Android by tapping the button below to get the APK files:

Emus4U Android APK

And you can download it on your Mac or PC too, just by following a simple guide at the download link below .

How to Use :

This is one of the easiest app installers to use; just download it and then follow these steps:

  1. Tap the new app icon on your home screen and the app will open
  2. Click the button that says Check Out Our Apps
  3. Choose your app category
  4. Use the Search bar or just browse to find an app or game to download
  5. Tap your choice and follow the instructions on the screen to download it

Top Features :

On offer are plenty of apps and games to tempt any user:

  • App Store Apps – Apps and games straight from the official iOS app store
  • Exclusive Apps – some Cydia tweaks, movie and music streaming apps, top screen recorders, games emulators and so much more
  • Tweaked Apps – stock apps tweaked with new and better features
  • Modified Games – top-rated games modified with new features and completely unlocked

Why You Should Download Emus4U :

Although the latest iOS update has plenty of new features for users it still doesn’t give us what we want – third-party and modified content. This installer does give you all that without having to jailbreak. There are several a categories, each with plenty of apps and games to download and here you can find the top games emulators, the most functional screen recorders, loads of tweaked apps and modified games, not to mention official app store apps. It is fully supported on the latest iOS firmware and you can find out how it all works by going to our About page.

You Don’t Need Cydia :

With Apple constantly boosting security in the iOS, jailbreaks are few and far between now. App installers like this one work perfectly well without Cydia because they have been developed in a way that they don’t need to break into the iOS to work. That means no security breaches and no special software needed and it will run just the same as any other app. That makes it legal and safe to use.

100% Reliable :

emus4u safety

The unofficial app store has full compatibility with iOS 12 and has been touted by users as being completely reliable to use. There is so much to choose from and much of it can only be downloaded via this app store.

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